earthQuake rec. - a label by artists - for artists.


Eartquake records needs your sound!
We look forward to your demo, the following points must be observed !

- The quality of a demo ranges MP3 256kbs (this enough for good sound and little traffic) or better. Please don`t send us for demo large wave files.

- Only for release a wave file is required (this file is the basis for mastering and sale).

- For transfer your data please use to the following email address: - please give us in the wetransfer message box following informations:

Name (artist name and real name), address and telephone number.
A description of your tracks (your feelings, the background, what you want to say with the track aso.)  It is important for us to understand the whole horizon.

Alternatively, you can place your demo on as "private" track, please enable the download option and send us the link. is preferred by us, there arise no costs and no registration for you.

We accept only completely finished tracks, only newcomer can send a preview !

TIP: Be sure your newcomer artist name is not already used by other Artists who have already released and have a look on beatport maybe the same titel is released in the last 12 month ?!