earthQuake rec. - a label by artists - for artists.


earthQuake supports artists not only by the normal way of publication, we go together, think together and we find the right idea. Especially for our young talents, we analyze tracks and give suggestions and ideas. Releasing by earthQuake records, includes  promotion on all social networks. By earthQuake released tracks are often placed on Sampler with various other artists. Our main styles are all kind of techno- and house music.
We place particular emphasis also on oldschool techno styles, acid, aso.

All releases are mastered in our own studio, so they have the sound and volume to compete with the other top tracks in the world. In addition, we create professional cover layouts and digital promotion, that can also be used by the artists.

We are not big, but we are exclusive. We are not fast, but we do it right and this requires a little more time.

It is not our intention to release a lot of tracks in short time, we are working only along the lines of quality, quality, quality ......

earthquake rec. listens to all submitted tracks and we always give a feedback!

earthQuake records - feel the vibrations